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Our Tree Services

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Tree Trimming

SA Total Tree Service will assess the tree or trees that need service. We plan and consider all nearby structures, and property. We will determine the safety, health and appearance of the trees that may need trimming. 

Tree Removal

At times it may be necessary to remove a tree on your property. We will carefully analyze your trees’ health, location, and condition to determine if your tree needs to be removed. 

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Tree Demossing

Remove the unsightly moss from your beautiful oak trees with this popular service.

Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

Our crews are professionally trained to remove your trees if necessary. We have the knowledge and skill to safely and effectively remove any type of tree from your property. 

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Lot Clearing

No matter what size, we will properly and safely clear your land for whatever purpose you choose.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

We understand that anything can happen. If you need emergency tree service, we are open 24/7 to be there for your needs.

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We are here to help you with all of your tree-service needs. Our team of experienced arborists and tree experts is here to make your property more beautiful and safe. No matter the size of your tree project, we have the right solution for you.

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