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Tree Trimming

SA Total Tree Service will assess the tree or trees that need service. We plan and consider all nearby structures, and property. We will determine the safety, health and appearance of the trees that may need trimming. Our evaluation involves first of all clearing your home, driveway and utility lines of any danger. Next we look at the framework of the tree and remove dead or unsafe limbs. Crown thinning is another technique that may be necessary for your trees to better withstand heavy rain and storm winds. Our talented arborists will be sure to trim your trees so that they maintain a beautiful appearance.

Questions For Tree Service

Are you afraid that your tree will be a hazard in severe weather?

Are you unhappy with your tree’s appearance?

Are your trees blocking your view or the view of your home?

Do your trees need trimming now?

Do you have trees growing too close to your home or place of business?

Do you have algae growing on your roof from a tree hanging over your house?
Do you have dying trees?

Do your trees have dead limbs?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact us today for a no obligation for a free estimate.
We have the answers that you need. We will analyze your tree and suggest a course of action that can reduce the chances of a major hazard.

Tree Removal

At times it may be necessary to remove a tree on your property. We will carefully analyze your trees’ health, location and condition to determine if your tree needs to be removed. Our crew has the ability to work together in coordination to bring down a tree or trees without damage to your home or landscaping.  Perhaps your tree is interfering with someone else’s property. Maybe you are planning a construction project near the tree. In some situations your trees may become too crowded.Here are warning signs to look for that your tree may need to be removed. Look for strange growth at the base of your tree. Are there holes or cracks in your trees? Do the ends of your branches appear to be losing leaves? Do you have a tree of any size leaning heavily to one side? Is your tree dead? Any of these conditions may be a sign that your tree or trees need to be removed soon.


Our crews are professionally trained to remove your trees if necessary. Tree removal is a dangerous job, and should only be performed by trained, insured professionals. We have the knowledge and skill to safely and effectively remove any type of tree from your property. After tree removal our goal is to preserve and protect your property without damage and to have minimal impact on your landscape, lawn, home or place of business.

Stump Grinding

If you want a stump removed, we can remove your stump in a timely and neat way for a clean finished look. We provide tree and stump grinding for any size tree stump. With our state of the art grinding machines, we can remove any stump from your property that you may have. If you have any existing stumps we can take care of them for you. After tree removal we can grind your stumps or you can call us at a later date if you choose to do so. Our skilled arborists will help you plan your stump grinding.  If you want to re-plant, a garden, bushes, shrubs, another tree or flowers then the tree stump roots will need to be completely removed. We will factor in how wide and deep to grind the tree stump roots if necessary. We work with you to help you plan all of this. Once a stump is removed a whole new world of possibilities will open up for you. You will be amazed at what you can do with the extra space on your property. Give us a call today if you have any questions. We are here to help you.